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My great-uncle Dick D’Orsay dedicated his life to exploring South America for Inca Treasure.
See his story on the “My Family History” page. He regretted but was at peace with
never finding it. As a young man, I wanted to be like him. Life happened and I pursued other
dreams. Later in life, I realized that the stories about my uncle and other ancestors were the
real gold. Their struggles, hopes, and dreams contributed to who I have become. With
Exploremyroots, I’m dedicated to finding your family’s golden stories.

"We all carry inside us, people who came before us" Liam Callanan
Genealogy Research Consulting


Are you interested in building a family tree and don’t know where to begin? The volume of
information available on the web can be overwhelming.  With a little guidance, I can assist you in focusing your time and organizing your family information.
In a two-hour session, I can to help you plan your family history project.
In a two-hour session I can to help you plan your family history project.
Questions I can help answer:
1. How do you get started building a family tree? 
2. Which genealogy database websites should you use such
as,, or 
3. You may be the first in your family to start a family tree. You’ve inherited a box of family
documents, photos, stories, legends and artifacts. How do you organize this information
and preserve it for future generations? 
4. How can you tell which information is accurate? 
5. You have found a particular ancestor you want to further research. Where do you go to
get more information?
6. Do I need a DNA test? Which DNA tests best suit my needs? 
7. Once you’ve received the DNA test results, how can this assist you in your family

Genealogy Research Consultig
Digging for family treasures and resolving mysteries


I can show you how to dig for family treasures and resolve family mysteries by using reliable
sources such as online databases, documents, newspapers, images; local, state, and national
repositories; and publications.
I can assist you with:
1. Building a family tree (also known as a Pedigree Chart)
2. Locating your immigrant ancestor’s place of origin and, once they arrived, determine
what the key events were in their lives?

3. Discovering the story of your ancestor around a historical event or time period (such as
war, political event, famine, or natural disaster)
4. Finding the true relationship of a potential ancestor (“Who was the mysterious “Uncle
5. Resolving conflicting information (sometimes there are several versions of a previously
written family tree). How do you resolve those differences? 
6. Uncovering whether a family story that’s been passed down is true (“Are we really
related to Benjamin Franklin?”)

Digging for family treasures
Florida Naturalization Record for Elmer.
Historical Research and Retrieval

Do you need records from local archives or Colorado state and county repositories? I live and work in Colorado and have traveled extensively throughout the state. To support your exploration, I will search for documents, images, transcriptions and abstracts of original source material as well as quality photographs of historic locations in the west.


I can help you find: 

  • Original documents and state and local historical societies

  • Military records

  • Newspapers

  • Historical photos

  • Local histories, periodicals, and journals

  • Microfilmed records

  • Manuscript collections and colleges, universities and local historical societies

  • Information from other sources

Historic Research
Writing Services
Writing Services

I have published articles in the Colorado Genealogist and have written narratives of family histories, genealogies, and origins. I will write your family history into a memorable story; the story of one of your ancestors or family lineage.  Your ancestors would be put into historical context, so future generations would know more about who they were, where they came from, and what their life might have been like in that place and time.

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