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Building My Genie Skills

I'm taking classes online at Salt Lake Community College in the hopes that I'll someday be able to assist clients with their family histories and mysteries.

So far so good.  I'm nearing the end of my second semester and fourth class towards a basic Genealogy Certificate.  So far it's been a wonderful experience.  I've completed the "GEN 1090: Writing Life Stories" and "GEN 1000: Intro to High Tech Genealogy".  Both were taught by wonderful instructors with many years of experience as professional genealogists, writers and consultants.

I'm currently finishing "GEN 0111: Family History Writing" and "GEN 1010: U.S. Genealogy Research I".  By the time I finish these classes this coming August I'll have many examples of professional style genealogy reports, essays, guidelines, and standards.  All of these are based on my own family.  This very website is the result of one of the assignments.  Some need further work for me to feel comfortable sharing with my family but most are ready to share freely.

I'll be posting a list in future blogs along with many photos, URL's to wonderful places I've visited along the way.

Until next time.

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