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Genealogy Research Consulting 


Are you interested in building family tree and don’t know where to begin? The volume of information available on the web can be overwhelming.  With a little guidance, I can assist you in focusing your time and organizing your family information.

Historical Research and Retrieval 


Do you need records from local archives or Colorado state and county repositories? I live and work in Colorado and have traveled extensively throughout the state. To support your exploration, I will search for documents, images, transcriptions and abstracts of original source material as well as quality photographs of historic locations in the west.

Digging for family treasures and resolving mysteries


I can show you how to dig for family treasures and resolve family mysteries by using reliable sources such as online databases, documents, newspapers, images; local, state, and national repositories; and publications.

Writing Services

I have published articles in the Colorado Genealogist and have written narratives of family histories, genealogies, and origins. I will write your family history into a memorable story; the story of one of your ancestors or family lineage.  Your ancestors would be put into historical context, so future generations would know more about who they were, where they came from, and what their life might have been like in that place and time.

Get Started Today

If you are ready to begin your research with us, reach out today and we can begin answering your questions. 

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